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NEWS ANALYSIS: What lessons have been learnt from COVID-19? Is it not time to chart a new world order? The pandemic knows no boundary, proving wrong the old known order

MASERU: The COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought sorrow, grief and has made life a living hell for many people around the globe. Apart from those who have been directly affected by …

NEWS ANALYSIS: Lockdown extension, economic easing through allowing selected enterprises to operate during the second lockdown and future prospects of the COVID-19

MASERU: The Government extended the lockdown to the 05 May 2020 (from days form expiry of the initial lockdown), but as well, has released a gazette on 22 April 2020, …

NEWS ANALYSIS: When a leader loses support of lieutenants, henchmen, resorts to army, spells disaster

MASERU: When a leader loses support of those who form part of his inner circle, his henchmen and lieutenants, it spells disaster on his ability to sustain his stay in …

Coalition compacts have betrayed the trust of Basotho -brought more problems than expected

MASERU: Lesotho went for highly-contested national assembly elections after a decade of political and voter fatigue apathy. The majoritarian strength of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), after two consecutive …

Lesotho - a country with a nasty political history continually fraying at the edges

MASERU: The goings-on in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho direct to the question whether Lesotho is ever going to come out of the skirmishes that have dogged this nation of …

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