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Move to shift to 100% proportional representation rejected

MASERU: The parliamentary reforms have dismissed a suggestion for adoption of a 100 percent proportional representation electoral model. This would repeal the mixed member proportional representation (MMP) model, which is …

Reforms propose conflict resolution mechanism in Lesotho

MASERU: Lesotho has historically been infamous for political conflicts, which have rendered the Kingdom susceptible to political instability. Almost every post-election period has been marked by political polarisation, lack of …

Driving reforms without a vision

MASERU: The much-talked-about reforms, which have become an agenda for the donor community, the regional body, SADC but which are not an agenda for the leadership of the country are …

Effects of not having a national long-term vision

MASERU: Absence of a long-term vision by those in the leadership of a country breeds the kind of challenges that Lesotho currently faces. Short-termism is a catastrophic phenomenon because it …

The reforms: reality or fairytale?

MASERU: Lesotho is currently immersed with a huge task of implementing sector-wide reforms, whose main purpose is to bring about long-term solution to Lesotho's long-standing political and economic impasse. The …

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