A democracy is consolidated when there exist a variety of platforms where diversity of thought is expressed, granting citizens their civic spaces to do so

thizkingdom.com is an independent platform for dialogue, debates and information and idea exchange among members of the public. It is a forum for dissection of national issues - social, economic, technological, cultural and political for the benefit of building national discourse. The platforms shapes public opinon on national issues for the benefit of the ordinary Mosotho.


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Political parties as vehicles for good governance , democratic consolidation, meeting people’s needs

The panel discussion features the Executive Secretary, Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace, Mr Booi Mohapi, and the …...

To what extent should elected representatives decide on behalf of their voters without them

A discussion with Mr Kalosi Ramakhula, the Film Producer at Moroka Pula Heritage Productions, who is also the …...

The institutional, political and social fragility of small states to deal with their affairs

The discussion features the Policy Consultant, Member of Parliament for the 10th Parliament of Lesotho, who also served …...


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