A democracy is consolidated when there exist a variety of platforms where diversity of thought is expressed, granting citizens their civic spaces to do so

thizkingdom.com is an independent platform for dialogue, debates and information and idea exchange among members of the public. It is a forum for dissection of national issues - social, economic, technological, cultural and political for the benefit of building national discourse. The platforms shapes public opinon on national issues for the benefit of the ordinary Mosotho.


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Interrogating negative effects of skyrocketing increases in the rates of water and electricity

In conversation with the Deputy President of Section 2 - Advocates of the Spemacy of the Constitution. It …...

Weighing value added by digital advances in media business, its capacity, attitude & desire to adapt

What value is created and added by the swift advances on the digital spaces, particularly the media sector? …...

Repositioning the private sector as a real 'Engine of Economic Growth' of Lesotho

Discussion on the efficacy of private sector of Lesotho as an engine of economic growth of the country …...


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